Payment & Security

Yihan Brönn Casual accepts the following payment methods

Available payment methods?

We accept payments using the following payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, PayFast and Paypal.

Can I pay with bank transfer?

We do not offer payment by bank wire transfer.

We have decided not to offer bank payment as a payment option, because it is the slowest, most unsecured and most complicated form of payment.

What happened if payment fails

If the payment for your order failed, or you have any problems regarding payment what so ever, please follow these steps:
1. Note down the exact error message or problem you are having, as well as the payment method you are trying to use. Preferably take a screenshot of your problem.
2. Contact us with the above information, and add any other information you have that might be relevant like what device and which browser you are using.
3. We will contact you within hours and fix your issue!

Is payment secure?

All payments are completely encrypted by SSL. Yihan Brönn Casual, nor anyone else, will ever see your personal information.

You can always check if a website is using a secure HTTPS connection, by noticing if they have a small lock icon and clearly written https in the URL. We always recommend you to shop only at places with a secure HTTPS connection, this way you are always completely safe.

Our guarantees

We will never see any of your personal information you use for payment, such as your card information.

We deeply care about your personal information, and will never pass them on to 3rd parties.

We never charge you before we have shipped your items. This way you never pay for anything you don’t receive.

We have a 2 weeks full return policy.

You receive an invoice with your products, and an order confirmation immediately after placing your order.

What if I never received my order?

If for any reason you did not receive your order, we will resend it immediately, or process a refund if you prefer this.

When will I be charged?

We never process your payment before we have shipped your product. After your order is shipped, your card will be charged.

Please notice that some credit cards like Mastercard and Visa, reserve the amount instantly when you place the order. This does not mean that we have charged your card yet, only that it is reserved for us.

Do you offer free shipping?

Standard shipping fees apply.

Is my personal data safe?

We are located on a secure server with a secure encrypted HTTPS connection

You will need to enter you name, email and address. We only use this information to ship your order to the right place, and send you an email confirmation and an update by email when your order is shipped.

We only save your name, email and address in our system for legal accounting purposes.

NEED MORE INFORMATION? See our Placing an Order FAQ