Who we are

Yihan Brönn Casual is an expansion of the Yihan Brönn brand with a clear goal in mind – the garments are “cool” yet elegant, making a statement to be summarised as follows: “I live and think independently – I don’t follow trends, I set them”.

The company’s product portfolio is aimed at providing men and women a range of stylish casual wear. As the number of fashion conscientious men and women increases, Yihan Brönn Casual caters to the individual that has the confidence to set trends.

The company’s office is in Willowbrook, Ruimsig, Roodepoort, South Africa.

Company Vision and Strategy

Yihan Brönn Casual operates under the same vision and strategy as Yihan Brönn Couture.

  • We are proudly South African
  • It’s all about the fit!
  • It’s all in the detail, even for larger orders
  • Exceptional, personal touch drives exceptional client service
  • Exclusive designs for exclusive people

Mission statement:

1. To ensure that your Yihan Brönn Couture garments are your favourite garments.
2. To offer bespoke clothing to the public at an affordable price.

Choice for all

Discover both Women & Men’s clothing ranges.